How to maintain the air dome coal shed after construction

The air dome coal shed is a new type of building form, with beautiful appearance, solid structure, environmental protection and energy conservation, etc. The applied pvdf membrane material has excellent self-cleaning performance, which does not require frequent manual cleaning, and the proportion of manual maintenance is very small, unless the air dust pollution is very serious. Such buildings are usually automatically washed by natural rain, and the important maintenance work is to pay attention to the weather conditions every day and adjust the air pressure in them appropriately. Next, let's take a look at what needs to be done for the maintenance of the air dome coal shed at ordinary times?

1. Before the rainy and snowy seasons, professional staff shall be arranged to inspect and maintain the inflatable membrane structure to ensure the integrity of the membrane surface and the normal drainage of the drainage system; After the bad weather, the staff shall be arranged to inspect the membrane building again to avoid the damage of parts such as rust caused by excessive rain, and eliminate the potential safety hazard.

2. The safety maintenance of the air dome coal shed should be carried out on time. The staff should pay attention to avoid wearing shoes and clothes with sharp objects as much as possible to prevent damage to the membrane surface during the climbing process.

3. If the membrane structure has relatively large deformation and the membrane surface is relaxed due to the loss of pretension, the secondary tensioning plan shall be prepared and implemented in time.

4. If the building surface is damaged, professional staff should be sent to repair it immediately.

5. During the warranty period, the staff designated by the company shall be trained on time to ensure that the designated staff can master the basic maintenance skills of the building.

6. Without consent, it is forbidden to drag heavy objects on the air dome coal shed to prevent damage to the membrane surface.

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