Product Introduction

Air dome building is a kind of building structure system that uses special building membrane material as the shell, equipped with a set of intelligent electromechanical equipment to provide positive air pressure inside the air-film building and support the main body of the building.

Short construction period
Wind, snow, fire and shock protection
Easy span of more than 100 meters
Simple structure and easy relocation
Short construction period

The air-film building has a light weight and does not need complex foundation treatment. It does not need a lot of civil engineering and scaffolding during installation, which can greatly reduce the construction cost of customers.

Wind, snow, fire and shock protection

The building is supported by air pressure and has no beams and columns inside. It has an inherent defense advantage against natural disasters such as earthquakes. The material is fire-retardant membrane material, which meets the national fire protection standards and can withstand the force 10 wind and the one-meter thick snow load.

Easy span of more than 100 meters

The air-film building is mainly supported by the internal air pressure. It has no beams and columns inside, and its dead weight is very low. It has no beams and columns inside. Generally, the weight per square meter is less than 3 kilograms, which can easily achieve a large span of more than 100 meters.

Simple structure and easy relocation

The air-film building has simple structure, convenient construction and low requirements on the ground. It can be built on the walls and roofs of existing buildings, and can also be removed to other places for re-installation. The customer's investment can achieve the ideal cost performance ratio.

Product details
Steel cable reinforcement | intelligent control | Multiple channels | Shadowless illumination
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The steel cable adopts a vertical and horizontal, spider web structure, which surrounds the entire outer membrane of the air membrane building, so that the load borne by the outer membrane can be effectively transferred to the steel cable system.

The intelligent control system can integrate fresh air, refrigeration and heating, generator set, environmental monitoring, fault detection and other systems, and conduct intelligent control and full-automatic adjustment through mobile phone APP, greatly reducing labor costs.

The building can be equipped with revolving doors, sliding doors and garage doors to fully meet the access of personnel and vehicles, and multiple fire passages to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

Using the high reflectivity of the inner membrane, the uniform, shadowless and glare free floodlighting effect is achieved. This unique secondary reflection lighting design provides users with a comfortable lighting environment

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