Product Introduction

The tarpaulin is a new type of temporary building for outdoor activities, which is easy to store and transport. It is widely used in exhibitions, industrial warehousing, outdoor activities, environmental protection coverage and other fields. The tarpaulin is composed of a movable frame and tarpaulin. The frame generally has aluminum alloy and steel as the main components, which is convenient for storage and has the characteristics of small size.

Large span
Simple approval
No foundation required
Large span

The tarpaulin is made of all-aluminum alloy structure with light weight and high strength, and after special treatment, it can achieve a span of 10-60m without column requirements in the middle, with unlimited length, and the space can be fully used to ensure the effective use of space by customers.

Simple approval

The tarpaulin is a temporary movable building, which generally does not need the complicated approval of the traditional closed workshop. In some areas, even if there is an approval, it is also subject to simple procedures. Therefore, it can reduce the procedures of handling certificates and meet all kinds of urgent needs in time, especially the "urgent work" such as environmental protection and warehousing, and can be completed within a few days.

No foundation required

The tarpaulin is a removable and mobile building, constructed with high-strength aluminum alloy and fire-retardant tarpaulin. It is light in weight and has low requirements on the ground. Generally, it only needs site leveling. The construction is pollution-free. It can be moved and dismantled many times as required. Some special-shaped sites can be built following the conditions such as mountain terrain.


One of the main features of the tarpaulin is that it can be built and dismantled at will, and flexible terrain and space design can be carried out according to the needs. The size and height of the tarpaulin can be customized. With its own installation team, it can solve various problems.

Product details
Features of aluminum materials in the tarpaulin | Features of PVC tarpaulin | Fixing method of tent
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The shelter adopts high-strength aluminum alloy profiles as the main frame. Aluminum has small density, light weight and convenient transportation. The chemical property is stable, the surface oxide layer has no volatile metal, and has strong corrosion resistance, which can be recycled.

The tarpaulin is sealed with PVC knife cloth, which is characterized by high strength, good ductility, strong flexibility, stable physical and chemical properties, and smooth surface with cleaning effect. PVC knife cloth is anti-aging, anti-oxidation, acid and alkali resistant, cold resistant, fire resistant and flame retardant, with a service life of 8-10 years.

The tarpaulin is fixed in three ways: steel drill, expansion screw and counterweight. The expansion screw is applicable to the concrete floor, the steel drill is applicable to the land or grass, and the counterweight fixation is applicable to the unbreakable ground.

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