Reasons for energy saving of air dome building

Is the air dome building energy efficient? With the development of society in recent years, air dome buildings have begun to appear in people's vision, and have replaced many traditional buildings. Is air dome buildings energy-saving? Here is a brief introduction of Gaoshan air dome manufacturer.

So why is the air dome so energy-saving?

Look at the material.

For the membrane material of the air dome building, the fabric base material includes polyester fiber and glass fiber, and the coating can use polyvinyl chloride resin (PVC) and polytetrafluoroethylene resin (PTFE), which has the characteristics of high strength and good flexibility,

These two kinds of coatings have complete anti-ultraviolet function, and have high heat dissipation rate and thermal reflectivity. According to the authoritative data, the thermal resistance value of the single-layer membrane material of the air dome building is 2, while the R value of the ordinary cement wall is 0.2. The thermal resistance performance of the air dome is higher than that of the ordinary building. It can effectively insulate the solar heat import in summer, and effectively prevent the cold air from entering and heat exchange with the outside world in winter.

The thermal insulation performance of single-layer membrane material is about equal to that of laminated glass, and the thermal insulation performance of double-layer membrane material can be improved by about 50%. If thermal insulation cotton is added between membrane materials, its thermal insulation effect is basically the same as that of reinforced concrete buildings.

In addition, the light transmittance of ordinary membrane material is 5%, which can be used around the air dome venue. The semi-transparent membrane material can be used at the top of the venue, and the light transmittance can reach 25~30%, which is equivalent to opening a light-tight skylight at the top of the air-film building. With the diffuse reflection function of the air-film material, the natural light can be used for lighting in the daytime, and at night, less light sources can be used to play a strong lighting effect.

It is commendable that the air dome material coating has the function of "self cleaning", and the dust is not easy to adhere. A heavy rain can wash the dust on the surface without affecting the lighting.

Look at the equipment.

The air dome building has simple structure and can be equipped with relevant equipment in a modular way.

According to the purpose of the membrane building and the needs of users, air conditioning system or split air conditioning system can be flexibly equipped. Geothermal module, solar heating module and air-source heat pump heating module can also be developed in the northern region. The owner has a large choice, and can adjust heating to local conditions to save energy to a large extent.

The air dome building adopts intelligent electromechanical control module, which can be operated manually or equipped with computer automatic control and remote control to flexibly control temperature and reduce operating costs.

Air dome buildings generally use fans to maintain the air pressure. According to the area of 5000 square meters, the daily electricity cost is 80-150 yuan. The intelligent control system used for the light source control can automatically adjust the illuminance of the light source, significantly saving the lighting electricity cost.

Compared with traditional buildings, the refrigeration (heating) energy consumption of air dome buildings is 10% - 25% of that of traditional buildings, and the overall energy saving is more than 75%. Taking into account the energy savings in other functions brought by these excellent materials and intelligent equipment, the operating cost of the gas-film building can be 1/30 or even 1/100 of that of the ordinary building.

The above information is a simple information street introduction made by the manufacturer of the high mountain tarpaulin for you based on the energy efficiency of the air dome building. If you want to know more about other aspects of the air dome building, you can choose to pay attention to our official website for detailed information consultation. I hope the above information can help you very well.

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