7 basic counterweights of inflatable membrane building

As a new building form, although it has not entered the construction market in China for a long time, the air-film building has been listed in the construction industry by virtue of its high quality and low price, energy conservation and environmental protection, high space utilization rate, recyclability and other characteristics. However, for some people, the inflatable membrane structure may not be familiar. Now let's introduce the basic configuration of inflatable membrane buildings.

1. Foundation anchoring and connection system

The lower edge of the membrane body of the air membrane building is connected with the foundation beam, and the special steel clamp is used to press the edge, and the bolt is connected to the anchor bolt embedded in the foundation beam, and then the steel cable stability (stress control) system is connected to the anchor rod.

2. Standby power supply

In order to ensure the all-weather operation of the gas film building, a fuel oil generator set with matching power is equipped. In case of power failure, it shall be started by the control system (or manually).

3. Refrigeration and heating system

According to the different needs of users for refrigeration and heating and the size of the gas film building area, the central air conditioning system or split air conditioning system can be flexibly equipped. In the northern region, geothermal heating and boiler self-burning hot water can also be used for heating.

4. Lighting system

According to the different use purposes of users, the suspended secondary reflective lighting system (without glare) or column lighting shall be designed to fully consider the needs of venue sports.

5. Access control system

According to the different uses of the air film building, the revolving door or airlock door can be configured at the entrance of the personnel, and the large swing transport door can also be configured at the entrance of the equipment, and several emergency evacuation doors can be configured. The air-lock door is a double-layer door with a pressure balance chamber and an automatic electromagnetic closing device, which effectively prevents gas leakage.

6. Fresh air conditioning system

Fresh air conditioning system is an independent air handling system composed of air supply system and exhaust system.

7. Intelligent control system

The intelligent control system integrates the fresh air conditioning system, the refrigeration and heating system, the standby generator unit, and the indoor and outdoor environmental monitoring system, and carries out all-round intelligent control of the gas-film building. In addition, it can realize unattended mobile phone remote control.

The above is the basic configuration of the inflatable membrane building. I hope it will help you understand the inflatable membrane building.

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