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Gaoshan Gas Membrane Technology (Shenyang) Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 5 million, is a comprehensive enterprise mainly engaged in the design, manufacture and installation of gas membrane buildings and tarpaulins. The company operates in strict accordance with the ISO: 9001 quality management and quality assurance system. It is pragmatic, honest and trustworthy, and provides thoughtful services to its customers with flexible perceptual knowledge, solid theoretical basis and rich work experience.

The tarpaulins and gas-film buildings designed and manufactured by the company are mainly applicable to commercial exhibitions, industrial storage, stadiums, landscape membrane buildings and other fields. For more than ten years, Gaoshan has cooperated with many units and served all sectors of society. In the future, we hope that our customers and peers will support and encourage us. We sincerely look forward to working with you to create brilliant future.

corporate culture
Our values
Gratitude:Be proud of gratitude and ashamed of ingratitude
team:Trust the team and be loyal to the team
cause:The heart to achieve great things remains unchanged for a hundred years
staff:The heart of employees remains unchanged for a hundred years
customer:The heart of creating unique value for customers remains unchanged for a hundred years
Our core philosophy

Development philosophy: aim high and achieve dreams

Survival philosophy: be prepared for danger in times of peace, and constantly strive for self-improvement

Service philosophy: customer-centered, attentive service

Growth philosophy: surpass yourself and pursue excellence

Marketing philosophy: there is no shortcut to marketing, striving to achieve dreams

Our vision is:

Build a century-old enterprise and become a world brand in the film industry

Our purpose is:

Li Chengxin is pragmatic and takes the road of innovation and development

Our mission is:

Achieve employees and serve the country

Our spirit is:

Unity, integrity, pragmatism, efficiency, innovation and transcendence

Our style is:

Be a down-to-earth person

Gas film plant
Tarpaulin plant area
Machining workshop
Cloth making workshop

two thousand and six

The company is on the right track

Business scope: Liaoning Province, with 5 employees and a covered area of more than 70000 square meters

two thousand and eight

increase steadily

The business scope expanded to the three northeastern provinces, with 20 employees and more than 150000 square meters of tent area

two thousand and thirteen

Business expansion abroad

The business scope has expanded to foreign countries (Middle East, Europe, Africa), with 150 employees and more than 350000 square meters of tent area.

two thousand and sixteen

Gaoshan gas film was established

Gaoshan Gas Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. was established, and its business scope expanded from the tarpaulin industry to the inflatable membrane construction industry. The company has 180 employees with an annual turnover of more than 50 million.

R&D strength

Gaoshan Gas Membrane is an enterprise that focuses on the research, design and production of new air-supported membrane structures.

Gaoshan gas film has intelligent production equipment and detection equipment, as well as an installation team with strict management and strict technology. The Gaoshan team has done every work with care, dedication and care, regardless of research and development, manufacturing, design and installation.

Staff style
Never met, but can tell!
More than ten years of customized experience in the film industry, providing you with effective and reasonable space solutions
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