What backup energy is needed for the film stadium

As we all know, the air-film gymnasium is formed by inflation and maintains its full shape by the pressure difference between the inside and outside. When the power is cut off, will the gas-film building collapse as quickly as the balloon leaks?

In fact, the problem of power failure was taken into account when the air-film building was designing the venue scheme. Therefore, in general, the mechanical unit inside the gas film building will be designed with corresponding standby energy. Once the power is cut off and the wind turbine loses its power, the standby energy will be automatically started immediately, and it will automatically stop when the power is supplied. To ensure the normal operation of inflatable membrane venues.

The following types of energy sources are usually used for the gas film system:

1. Diesel generator: easy to install, but not easy to start at low temperature. Not suitable for the north.

2. Gas engine: It needs natural gas or gas as energy source, is not affected by the environment, and is suitable for the south and north.

3. Gasoline engine: It is used on the site without natural gas, free from environmental impact, and suitable for the south and north.

In addition, a check valve will be installed at the air inlet of the fan that inflates the air film hall, which can ensure that there is no air leakage when the fan is stopped.

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