Project case
warehouse marquee

warehouse marquee is a large, temporary structure designed to provide storage space and tent for various purposes. It is commonly used in industries such as logistics, construction, agriculture, and events management. Warehouse marquee are typically made of durable materials like aluminum frames and heavy-duty fabric covers.

Product Specification

Main Frame 

Clear-span Width: From 3m to 70m, length is no limit

Material: Hard Pressed Extruded Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6& 6082-T6

Cover material 

Density: 650g/sqm, 750g/sqm, 850g/sqm  

Material: Both sides lacquered PVC coated fabric

Features: UV Resistant, Waterproof, Fire RetardantB1


PVC Wall, Glass Wall, ABS Wall, Sandwich Wall

Wind Load

80km/h - 120km/h

Snow Load

10cm Thick Floating Snow 


-30 Degree Celsius to  +70 Degree Celsius

Life Time

Aluminum frame more than 15 Years.PVC fabric 5-10 years


SGS,ISO 9001:2015,IAF.NAC


Span Width : 15m

Length : 135m

Ridge Height : 6.5m

Bay Spacing : 5m

Eave Height : 4m

Longest Component : 8.1m


Notes: Standard eave height 4m, and 2.50m - 6m eave height is available upon request.


Main profile: Aluminum alloy F27(6061/T6)

Roof pitch: 18°

Cover: Vinyl fabric textiles, PVC-coated, white, weatherproof, anti-UV radiation, flame retardant B1

Roof: Opaque, weight ≥ 850g/m2

Sidewall: Translucent, weight ≥ 650g/m2

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