The harvest of autumn grain is coming soon. Let the air-film building help you!

In a period of time, the national autumn grain will gradually enter the harvest period. The output of autumn grain accounts for four thirds of the national grain output and is the largest of the national grain production. On the whole, there are both favorable conditions and challenges to win the autumn harvest. The favorable factors are that the sown area of autumn grain this year exceeds 1.3 billion mu, an increase over the previous year; The area has been stabilized and the production base has been established. The challenge is that since late July, the southern region has experienced high temperature and little rain weather with the longest duration, the widest range of influence and the largest average intensity since 1961. The drought has developed rapidly, and the situation of agricultural drought resistance and disaster reduction is grim.


After the harvest of autumn grain, it is a matter to consider how to store each granary well. At present, many large granaries will choose air-film buildings for grain storage. The first reason is that there is no beam or column inside the air-film. In addition to being able to place a large amount of grain, it can also allow large vehicles to travel freely without restriction.


Secondly, the intelligent control cabinet equipped with the film building can automatically adjust the internal pressure, temperature, humidity and other data according to the weather conditions, and will automatically send information to the person in charge in case of emergencies. The APP downloaded from the film manufacturer and the person in charge of the film granary is connected with the intelligent control cabinet to monitor the internal situation in real time.

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